How to evaluate two dispute situations

Create a 5-6 page paper evaluating two dispute situations you had at work and identify better alternatives and/or differences in the outcomes for either party. Within the description of each situation, detail what you believe ‘other side’ was thinking and why.
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Paper Evaluation Criteria

For an A paper:


1 The thesis/main point should be clear, well-developed, and compelling.

2 The paper is an appropriate response to the assignment.

3 It builds on, as opposed to simply repeating, ideas from class readings and discussion, and shows a masterful command of the course content, learning objectives and disciplinary methods.

4 The paper shows excellent awareness of the needs of the intended audience.

5 The tone and point of view are appropriate for the assignment and audience.

6 The paper meets the reader’s needs for explanation and supporting information.

7 The paper’s main and supporting ideas are original, insightful, and valid. The main and supporting ideas are developed and supported with specific examples, appropriate evidence, or (if required by the assignment) relevant, academic college-level research materials in the scope and depth required by the assignment.

Structure and style

1 Writing and stylistic choices help the reader not only understand the paper’s main point and purpose, but hold the reader’s interest so he or she is continually engaged with and invested in the topic.

2 Paragraphs and ideas are appropriately and clearly formed. They are also linked and flowlogically from one to the next, with new ideas building on those previously introduced.

3 Paragraphs focus on subtopics and all serve to develop the thesis/main point in some way.

4 Topic sentences introduce ideas and show how they relate to the paper’s thesis/main point.

5 Transitions between paragraphs (and ideas) are clear. Sentences are structured effectively.

6 The use of language is rich, compelling, engaging, and appropriate for the assignment and audience. Word choice precisely conveys the meanings intended.

7 Sentence style and variety help facilitate the reading process.

8 Paper is written in the appropriate format for the assignment and follows the guidelines set out in the “Adult Education Written Assignment Sheet.”

9 All sources are properly cited and any paraphrases or quotations are presented correctly,according to the format required by the assignment.

10 The paper is free of grammatical, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and other errors.

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