How to develop a career

Career Development

Purpose: To understand how to start the job search process.
My major is (Advertising Design) so everything should be about my major. It must be in Houston, Texas, USA

Followings are the points which helps you to serach a job:

a. The names of five companies, what they do, their website, and why you would want to work for them (list each company seperately) Add a screen shot of each company application of employment.

b. Evidence that you have knowledge of or interest in at least three job search engines or job banks-at least one of them from a local  area. Print out one job lead you are interested in for your major PER search engine.

c. List ten people (5 professional/ 5 personal) that might be able to assist you in your job search, contact information, your relationship to them, and why and how you think they would be able to help you.

d. A typed plan of action – a one-page essay on what you will do immediately to make yourself more marketable for the type of job you want to obtain.

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Marketing Management: How to develop a career
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