How to build your health care

Using your reading and other resources, create your plan for building your Health Care Inc. team. From your knowledge of teambuilding so far answer the following:

Develop and explain how you would integrate a process to create collaboration & cohesiveness within your team environment.

Include specific benefits to the organization.

Evaluate the types of leadership:

Select at least three and compose an outline of what leadership you feel is required for your Health Care Inc. team tasks.

Give specific examples of task, event and/or situations that may need to occur.

Use other sources as needed to support

Reference: Thompson, L. (07/2013). Making the Team, 5th Edition. [Bookshelf Ambassadored]. Retrieved from
Project Overview - For support - This s the project overview

You are going to create a plan to build a team for a fictional organization. This organization needs a team created to help the organization propose ideas, evaluate, and justify ideas to remain competitive in the worldwide marketplace.
Building a team is more than just choosing team members; you will have to consider many factors when creating a group of employees that will be required to create results. This project will get you started in developing an effective team.

Your final project deliverable in Module 06. The assignment and the module they are due are noted in bold on the time line below. As you can see, your first assignment "Building Blocks of a Team" is due this module.

1. Introduction .Building Blocks of a Team

2. Leadership Roles

3. Team Communication

4. Management Styles & Conflict

Conflict Resolution

Your project plan must be related to building a team for the following fictional organization:

Organization: Health Care Inc.

Employees: 15-20 thousand worldwide

Employee Occupations: Nurses, IT Specialist, Human Resources, Administration Staff, Management, Nursing Assistants (various levels & positions)

Goal of team: The business needs to expand to remain competitive in the worldwide marketplace. A team needs to be created to help the organization evaluate, justify, and propose ideas.

Business Module: Contract Nurses and Nursing Assistants to organizations worldwide.

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