How the school objection to supposedly objective clothing


Your daughter's high school recently proposed required students to wear uniforms. The main reason for the proposal, school officials say, is that student are wearing "offensive "shirts. School officials cite the following t-shirts as problematic: Rebel flag; Malcolm X; pot leaf; and crosses, among students. Some students, including your daughter, object to the proposal on the proposal on the basis of free speech. They argue that the school's objection to the messages the t-shirts communicate violates freedom of speech and expression. The students argue that the clothing isn't inciting problems at the school, and indeed, they are correct; so far, there have been no problems. The student argue that the school officials needlessly fear violence or unrest and are simply using that objection as a ruse to censor student speech.

Using the Toulmin model of argumentation, provide an argument against your daughter and her fellow students and in favor of the school's proposal. Explain why t-shirts' messages aren't protected by the first amendment. In your argument, reference any useful article on page 165-186 of Practical Argument. Indicate how and why the school's objection to supposedly "objective" clothing is founded and does not constitute a violation of free speech or free expression. Remember to address the objections the students are likely to present.

The paper must be 4 to 5 page of text include abstract and reference page.

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Business Law and Ethics: How the school objection to supposedly objective clothing
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