How qualitative techniques differ from each other


First, watch the following three videos. Each video is an example of a specific qualitative research technique covered.

After watching the videos, answer the following questions:

1. How do these three qualitative techniques differ? When is appropriate to use which technique? For each video, what do you like and what do you dislike? (Hint: In the observation video, the professor is observing trash.) If dislike, how would you do differently to improve?


Do not say that you dislike the quality of the video (e.g., do not say that the video has a low voice, is noisy, or is poorly made). Focus on the content! You should focus on the interviewer (interview), moderator (focus group) and observer (observation), and discuss if what they did was appropriate. If you think what they did was not perfect, indicate what you would do differently as an interviewer (interview), moderator (focus group) or observer (observation) to improve.

Be thoughtful and relevant! You must address all my questions to receive a good grade.

1. Focus Group:

2. Interview:

3. Observation:


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Business Management: How qualitative techniques differ from each other
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