How is the therapy/theory used in counseling

Research Paper: Topic Instructions

• For your Research Paper, choose one of the following topics that represent a comprehensive view of the field of counseling:

1. Theory of moral development

2. Theory of psychosocial development

3. Theory of Psycho-sexual Development

4. Learning theory

5. Reality Therapy

6. Rogerian therapy

7. Cognitive Behavioral therapy

8. Psychodynamic Therapy

9. Integrative Theory

Your paper must be 3 to 5 pages long, double-spaced. Use 12 point font Times New Roman. Use APA format. Please use at 3-5 resources and cite them in your text as well as list them in your reference section.
Your paper should address some of the following questions if they apply to your topic.

1. Who is the author/creator/theorist?

2. Background information on theory/therapy?

3. What are the main ideas of the theory/therapy?

4. How is the therapy/theory used in counseling?

5. What target population is the theory/therapy designed or used with currently.

6. Is this a theory/therapy you would use if you were a counselor? Why?

In a concluding paragraph(s), give your personal evaluation of what you learned from researching your topic.

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