How is advertising and sales promotion similar? dissimilar?

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Topic 1: Social Media, Advertising Strategy, and Sales Promotion
In every job there is some sales and marketing that must go on. You must persuade your boss to accept a new entrepreneurial idea; you must convince a team of colleagues that a particular strategy will work as just two examples.

Suppose that a new Social Media Marketing program is being developed for your school. As an Administrator, how would you advertise it and find support for this new program?

What would be your goals in terms of advertising this new program to current and prospective students?
What type of advertising strategy would you suggest for this new Social Media Marketing major?
How is advertising and sales promotion similar? Dissimilar?
Which do you think is a more effective communication tool for marketing managers and why?

Topic2: Creating a Customer Relationship Management Plan
Think of a company that has provided great customer service to you recently.
What did it do? How did it go beyond what you expected? What do companies have to do to get employees to deliver such services.

Topic 3: Loyalty and Distribution Methods
Are loyalty programs more likely to be successful for certain kinds of products and service than for others?
Given the proliferation of loyalty programs, how can you differentiate your program from competitors programs?

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Marketing Management: How is advertising and sales promotion similar? dissimilar?
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