How gender and culture can effect bargaining


1. Discuss and provide examples for each of the five negotiation styles.(Avoiding, Accommodating, Compromising, Colaborating, Competing) (5 paragraph each with examples.)

2.How Gender and Culture can effect bargaining? Also provide examples.(2 paragraphs with examples)

3. Define and explain the term "Similarity Principle". (1 paragraph)

4. Define the term"Trust" from a positive and a negative context in Negotiations. Provide one exmaple for each.(2 paragraphs with examples)

5. Identify and expalin the 5 steps that establish Pre-Negotiation framework

6. explain and provide examples for 2 strategies to elicit information from reticent negotiators.(2 paragraphs)

7. Explain the two terms"Standards" and "Norms".Provide examples for each to illustrate the discussion premise.(2 paragraphs)

8. Explain the term"making the most of your assets".When does this apply to the negotiation and how do you do it? Provide examples.(1 or 2 paragraphs)

9. Explain the strategy and philosophy that regarding these terms"Negotiating the best deal that you can" and "negotiating the relationship".Also discuss how these two can conflict or be mutually beneficial? (2 or 3 paragraphs)

10.Explain and provide examples of how overconfience, irrational optimism and the illusion of superioritycan affect the outcome of negotiations?(3 paragraphs)

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Business Management: How gender and culture can effect bargaining
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