How does the new learning apply to your foundation paper

Marketing Management Assignment

The module paper is broken down into three parts. The length of the paper is determined by the writer and should be driven by the power of the impact of the course.

PART 1 What have you learned in this class? Summarize the course theory/theories. What essential elements did you derive from the course which relate to leadership and your career objectives? Elements that you learned in the course are all that you need to describe here.

PART 2 How is this relevant to you, your workplace or community? Have you applied the "new" learning to your workplace or community? Does the theory fit the organization or community? If so, how? Give a clear example of how the learning applies to you, your organization or community. Be concise.

PART 3 How does the new learning apply to your Foundation Paper? How does the "new" learning fit in with your basic foundation paper strategic plan? Do you need to reevaluate your original plan? Is leadership a constant component? How does the material move you towards your final goal? Do you need to change your strategy? Please provide details.

The response should include a reference list. Double-space, using Times New Roman 12 pnt font, one-inch margins, and APA style of writing and citations.

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Marketing Management: How does the new learning apply to your foundation paper
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