How does prison overcrowding impact issue of inmate suicide


Deliverable Length: Key Assignment Revision; 3 new pages (8 to 10 total pages)

You will receive extensive feedback related to the content on your first draft of the Key Assignment. Your first task for your final assignment is to incorporate this feedback into your revised version of the essay. Assignment Guidelines Revise your Key Assignment from Week 4 by incorporating the instructor and peer feedback that you have received. Address the following by adding to your policy from the Week 4 Key Assignment.

The additions should consist of 3 new pages:

Address the Constitutional implications of suicidal inmates based on decisions made in cases such as the Supreme Court Case of Estelle v. Gamble (1976), and Newman v. Alabama (1974). How have these decisions impacted your policy? Explain. Revise your policy, if necessary, so that it is in accordance with these Supreme Court case decisions. How do you distinguish the potential suicide victim who is crying out for help from the manipulative inmate? The manipulative inmate will often threaten or feign suicide in an attempt to get his way, or in court, to bolster his insanity defense or gain sympathy.

Add to your policy by establishing the requirements and protocol for addressing these types of situations. How does the problem of prison overcrowding impact the issue of inmate suicide from both administration and victim perspectives?

Add to your policy to establish requirements and protocol for addressing suicidal inmates in an overcrowded correctional facility environment.

Be sure to justify your policy modification using academic and scholarly research. If you have not already done so, identify 2 documentation practices that will enhance inmate care and reduce the risk of legal action.

Add to your policy the protocol and best practices regarding these 2 potential issues. Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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