How do interest rates change spending and lending

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When it comes to a country's economy, the spending habits of its citizens, corporations, and the government all play a role. Is saving encouraged? Does inflation hinder buying power? How do interest rates change spending and lending? Since so much of our daily lives center around financial security, it is important to understand how money and numbers can (and often are) manipulated.

In this Discussion, you will analyze how a country's financial health is related to its citizens' financial health.

To prepare for this Discussion:

• Think about how you manage your personal finances and how a government and/or financial industry might influence the way you save or spend. Should consumers save money or spend money? Think about the pros and cons of both.

• Analyze why and how a country's (or the world) economy has been affected by personal, corporate, or government-related decisions. Focus your analysis from the perspective of one specific country.Reflect on how a country's economy affects individual, family, or community spending.

• Focus your response on the following:

• One country

• How decisions made by (pick one of the following) individuals, corporations, or government can affect the financial health of (pick one of the following) individual citizens, families or communities

• Research data related to (pick one of the following) home ownership, mortgages, interest rates, inflation, and foreclosure rates or another economic measure

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 3 a 2- to 3-paragraph response that correlates a country's financial health to its citizens' financial health. Provide an analysis of data related to personal, corporate, or governmental decisions and the effects of these decisions on individual, family, or community spending. Provide at least two resources that support your analysis.

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