How do fitzpatrick sanders amp worthen 2011 kirkpatrick

Topic: Evaluation


1) After reading and contrasting the three readings, please address both of the questions:

1. how do Fitzpatrick, Sanders & Worthen (2011), Kirkpatrick (1998) and Newby (1992) each define "evaluation"?

2. what are the differences and similarities in the meanings, contexts and scopes of their definitions?

3. It's all about terminology. Why are these terms important in evaluation? And what distinguishes them from each other?
   a) Needs Assessment
   b) Monitoring
   c) Outcome Studies
   d) Testing
   e) Measurement
   f) Assessment


1. Evaluation's Basic purpose, uses, and conceptual distinctions (pdf)

2. Evaluating training programs - The four levels Chapter 3:

3. Newby, T.(1992). Training Evaluation handbook (PP.3-27). San diego, CA:Pfeiffer.

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Subject Area: Education

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