How do americans know about the gulf war in which very few

Discussion Board: Perspectives on War (Due Wednesday)

Analyze: After watching the news clip about the first Gulf War, analyze the points made in the news clip and answer the following questions:

How do Americans know about the Gulf War, in which very few Americans actually took part?

How do people know about experiences and events outside of their own individual reality?

How are the perspectives of each of the primary groups involved represented to members of that group and to people outside of that group?

How does the media dictate and define what people believe about the world outside of their own?

What role does the media play in constructing, refining, and perpetuating a specific narrative according to the people who profit from these conflicts?

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

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Other Subject: How do americans know about the gulf war in which very few
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