How can you compare jewetts depiction of nature to either

Gilman and Jewett

any 2 of the 4 questions below:

? What is the right choice in "The White Heron?" Why? Does Sylvia make the right choice? You may answer this question directly, or you may find a post by a classmate, and respond to their answer by adding to, politely disagreeing with, or otherwise complicating their response.

? How can you compare Jewett's depiction of nature to either Jack London's or Stephen Crane's from last week? How are they alike? How are they different?

? In "The Yellow Wallpaper" has been called a Gothic tale by some, but others do not agree. Revisit the Edgar Allen Poe PPT Lecture to refresh yourself on the Gothic, and consider whether or not you think of this story as something that fits with Poe's work, or something a little creepy but not entirely Gothic. Give examples to support your point. Feel free to talk about an earlier reading as you discuss your answer.

? Ask a clever question about some detail in "The Yellow Wallpaper". Then answer your own question as best you can or instead respond to a classmate's clever question. So you should be asking 1 question and answering 1 question.

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