How can teachers positively impact the reading skills


1.What techniques to teach reading comprehension are being advocated by the most current research? Which do you think are the most viable? Which strategies would you most likely use initially? In what way? Explain your answer.

2.How can teachers positively impact the reading comprehension skills of young students? Explain your answer.

3.Why is children's literature a key component in social studies reading instruction? Create a list of at least five children's books that would be beneficial in teaching some of the social studies topics discussed in this course. Include the author, title, and your personal comments regarding why these books would be helpful.

4.What are some effective ways to teach academic language in social studies? Why is it important to teach students important vocabulary prior to studying a concept?

5.If you were teaching a learning strategy to students with intermediate English proficiency, what specific guidelines would be critical for you to consider when planning the lesson?

6.A teacher starts the beginning of the school year with 25 sixth graders, all of whom are proficient in the English language. By the fourth month of school, Josefina joins the classroom. She has just entered the United States and does not speak a word of English. How does this teacher modify her lessons for this student? How does the teacher make Josefina feel comfortable in the established classroom culture? How can the teacher make other students feel comfortable within the classroom?

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