How are budgets used in control



Answer three questions about Management

Write each question in about 150 words.

1 Discuss changes in control philosophy and recent trends in control.

2 How are budgets used in control? Could you also relate the concept to planning, communication, and motivation?

3 Discuss TQM. What are the strategies and the advantages and disadvantages? How does this follow a decentralized approach? Can Hierarchical control totally be ignored using this approach?


During an economic recession, discuss how management's or a union's bargaining power might be affected. Give an appropriate business example to illustrate what you mean, support it with at least one reference.


Locate and briefly summarize a case decision where an employer or union was found guilty of bad faith bargaining ( or not!). Briefly summarize the decision and explain whether you agree or disagree with the outcome.

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Business Management: How are budgets used in control
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