How a non-profit would survive without techniques

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In general, I approve of non-profit organizations utilizing marketing techniques that are common in the traditional business world. A non-profit has to raise money somehow, in order to survive. It has hard to imagine how a non-profit would survive without, for example, literature based marketing that is also used in the traditional business world. (Brenkert, 2008) However, since a non-profit is competing for dollars not on the basis of price, as traditional businesses do, a number of other issues must be considered.

A first issue is fact that, in order to even have a chance of being successful from a marketing standpoint, non-profits are forced to use emotional appeals. According to Brenkert (2008) emotional appeals, in and of themselves, walk a tight line between ethical and unethical. Appealing to emotion instead of logic and reason can create a questionable ethical environment as it pertains to marketing strategies and is something that non-profit organizations need to carefully consider before releasing a commercial or other form of advertisement. A second issue worth raising is the issue of disparagement in non-profit advertising. Many non-profits have the same mission and must compete against each other for dollars; this can lead some organizations to disparage others which, like emotional appeals, are highly questionable from an ethical perspective when non-profits are involved. (Brenkert, 2008)

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Marketing is the function of endorsing and merchandising brands and services. The eventual objective of any marketing strategy plan is to grow business and improve brand familiarity. Organizations can take several steps to ensure it meets its goals and missions. These steps involve analyzing and promoting a distinctive selling proposition, promote testimonials from clients, ensure your statement explains what the client should do after providing information to them, and highlight benefits and not features.

A non-profit organization is an organization which utilizes its financial support to pursue a particular intent, instead of pursuing earnings for its own advantage as a for-profit business does. Many non-profit organizations are now utilizing marketing techniques similar to for-profit businesses. It is necessary for non-profits to invest in these techniques because it allows for effectual marketing. Non-profits use marketing tactics to assist with growth, funding and prosperity (Lorette, 2013). Just as a for-profit business targets a particular group, a non-profit should as well to help them support their cause and create promotion. The non-profit should also develop its band, as this will allow supporters and clients recall their organization. However, traditional marketing might place too much focus on short term objectives rather than long term. In the enthusiasm for special events, the overall mission of the non-profit might be lost. Finally, if too much time and attention is spent on marketing, it might not leave sufficient resources for traditional development functions.

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