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  Highest response ratio next scheduling

Question 1: Why an operating system is termed as a resource allocator. How it allocate resources.

Question 2: Define the term OS? Explain the various types of Operating systems with examples.

Question 3: When an interrupt takes place, an operating system

a) Ignores the interrupt.
b) Always changes state of interrupted process after processing the interrupt.
c) Always resumes execution of interrupted process after processing the interrupt.
d) Might change state of interrupted process to ‘blocked’ and schedule the other process.

Question 4: What is the basic difference between Contiguous and Non Contiguous Memory Allocation?

Question 5: Define the term process. What are the various states of Process?

Question 6: What do you mean by Context-Switching? Is it essential in every multi-programmed OS?

Question 7: Four jobs to be executed on a single processor system arrive at time 0+ in the order A, B, C, B. Their burst CPU time requirements are 4,1,8,1 time units correspondingly. The completion time of a under round robin scheduling with time slice of one time units is:

i.10 ii.4 iii.8 iv.9

Question 8: What is Highest Response Ratio Next Scheduling? How does it overcome the starvation problem of the SJF.


Highest response ratio next scheduling

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Course: Operating System

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