Hazel and r amp d filed a motion to have the case

Joseph Hazel, a tractor-trailer operator for R & D Transport, was involved in a car accident while working. Hazel's tractor-trailer struck a vehicle in which A.H., a minor, was a passenger. The accident occurred in Dearborn County, and Hazel's residence and R & D Transport's principal place of business are in Hendricks County. Sarah Richardson, suing for herself and as the guardian of A.H., filed suit in Porter County where they resided. Richardson sued, in part, for damages to "orthotic devices [and] clothing"for A.H. that were normally kept in Porter County.

Hazel and R & D filed a motion to have the case transferred to either Hendricks County or Dearborn County. What is the proper venue for the trial?

R & D Transport, Inc. v. A.H., 859 N.E.2d 332 (Ind. 2006)

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Marketing Management: Hazel and r amp d filed a motion to have the case
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