Graphical user interface and its significance

Question 1: Explain in detail the significance of user interface design?

Question 2: Define User interface and write a brief note on the benefits of good design?

Question 3: Describe the History of User interface design?

Question 4: Describe in detail about the History of Screen Design?

Question 5: Write a brief note on GUI (graphical User Interface).

Question 6: Illustrate the disadvantages of poor user interface Design?

Question 7: List out the benefits of good user interface design?

Question 8:  Describe in detail about keyboards and functional keys?

Question 9: Explain in detail regarding the pointing devices?

Question 10: Explain in detail about the speech recognition and generation?

Question 11: Describe in detail about the Image and video displays? 

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Software Engineering: Graphical user interface and its significance
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