Goods and services marketing in marketing assignment


Please answer in a Microsoft Word document in a minimum of 250 words to the checklist items above using APA format and citation style. Make sure to include an additional Title and references page.

Task: Goods and Services Marketing

The success of a product or a company in the marketplace is highly dependent on the targetmarkets ability to distinguish a given product from another. One way this is accomplished isthrough branding. When it comes to branding, companies must make complex decisions thatwill have a prolonged effect on the perception of the product and company in the marketplace.In this discussion, you will discuss product placements based on brand name marketing in the film industry.

Case Scenario:

Product placement deals have been a common practice in the film industry for quite some time,but the focus on placing popular brands in movies and television shows was never as importantas it is today. To execute this Discussion, watch one of your favorite television shows or arecent popular movie and discover a brand of a product that is featured in the plot of the story.Pay close attention, sometimes it can be tricky to identify a popular brand being featured if yourmind is not consciously looking for it.

Within a limit of 250 words or more, answer the below questions:

Question 1. Identify the television show or recent movie you watched, and introduce the brand of a consumer product that you found was featured in the plot of the story.

Question 2. Discuss the type of consumer product (convenience, shopping, specialty, unsought) you identified in the plot of the story. Explain your answer.

Question 3. Discuss how the television show or movie increases or decreases the brand equity of the product.

Question 4. Describe the brand strategy of the product you identified within the plot of the story.

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Marketing Management: Goods and services marketing in marketing assignment
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