Global campaign for a new detergent developed by clean

Global Campaign for a new detergent developed by Clean Detergents

Assessment task: Campaign for a new product or service

Non-submission will result in a grade of zero; no extensions will be granted.

Word count or equivalent: 3,000 words minimum (excludes appendices, footnotes, and references.

Assessment brief:

Working in pairs, you are a corporate communications consulting team and you have been commissioned by a multinational corporation to conceptualise and develop a global campaign (at least three different countries) for a new product or service. Your proposal will include

- Identification of the geographic market targeted by the campaign
- A profile of the market and publics
- Intercultural communication perspectives
- Objectives for the campaign
- Key messages for the campaign
- Timeframe and milestones
- Media to be used
- Methods of evaluating the campaign and measuring its success
- Relevant theoretical and conceptual frameworks

Timing of feedback: Immediate tutor and peer feedback after each presentation.

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International Economics: Global campaign for a new detergent developed by clean
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