Fundamentals of early childhood education



Search the Internet for photographs or videos of 19th-century early childhood classrooms, kindergartens, or schoolhouses.

Consider the differences between 19th-century facilities and current facilities.

Write a 350-word reflection comparing and contrasting early facilities with current facilities. Answer the following questions in your reflection:

If you designed your own early childhood education facility, what features would you be sure to include? Why?


Refer to Fundamentals of Early Childhood Education and the University Library to choose six early childhood theorists.

Research the Internet for the definition of a matrix.

Create a matrix of six theorists that briefly describes the following for each theorist: His or her major contributions to the field

The theory for which he or she is known

How his or her work has influenced early childhood today.


Refer to readings and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Standard 1: Promoting Child Development and Learning.

Write a 350-word reflection of the following:

The stages of prenatal development

The effect of genetic disorders and environmental influences on prenatal development

Include a reference page if needed.

Format your reflection according to APA guidelines.

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