Forum goal post your draft of essay 3 and comment on other

Forum Goal: Post your draft of Essay 3, and comment on other student drafts using the questions below

Post your next draft of Essay #3 here and then respond to the posts of at least 2 other classmates with peer review. Here is what you will need to strive for in your peer review this week:

  1. Do you see a clear relationship in the essay between cause and effect?
  2. How persuasive is the author, and why?
  3. Are there any places where you would consider revising words for clarity?

Consider issues of wordiness, jargon, biased language, mixed construction, and faulty parallelism. You do not need to proofread your classmates' essays, but if you can find something in this category, it will be helpful feedback for the writer.

Authors, as you read your peer reviews this week, remember that the feedback may be correct or incorrect. Reviewers, keep your emphasis on constructive feedback only, and remember that you are only giving suggestions and not correcting another writer.

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Other Subject: Forum goal post your draft of essay 3 and comment on other
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