Find the proceeds on the third-party discount note

Problem 1: A man makes a simple discount note with a face value of $2300, a term of 160 days, and a 18% discount rate. Find the discount. (Use the banker's rule)

Problem 2: A man has a simple discount note for $6600, at an ordinary bank discount rate of 8.72%, for 40 days. What is the effective interest rate? Round to the nearest 10th of a percent. (Use banker's rule)

Problem 3: A man holds a note of $5000 that has an interest rate of 13% annually. The note was made on March 16 and is due November 14. He sells the note to a bank on June 12 at a discount rate of 12% annually. Find the proceeds on the third-party discount note. (Use the bankers rule)

Problem  4: Tom Bond borrowed $6200 at 5 ½% for three years compounded annually. What is the compound amount of the loan and how much interest will he pay on the loan?

Problem 5: Compute the amount of money to be set aside today to ensure a future value of $4300 in one year if the interest rate is 8.5% annually, compounded annually.

Problem 6: Ronnie Cox has just inherited $27,000. How much of this money should be set aside today to have $17,000 to pay cash for a Ventura Van, which he plans to purchase in one year? He can invest at 1.7% annually, compounded annually.

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Finance Basics: Find the proceeds on the third-party discount note
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