Find log-mean temperature difference for heated section

Air at a velocity of 35. 2 ft / see and a pressure of 793. 1 nun Hg flows in a long circular pipe whose inside diameter is 0. 78 in. At the inlet, the temperature of the air is 70. 3 F. Heat is transferred from the pipe wall to the air along an axial length between the inlet and a downstream location that is 10. 3 feet from the inlet. Downstream of that location, the pipe wall is perfectly insulated. The air temperature is measured at the exit of the insulated section as 129. 7 F. Required results: What is the rate of heat transfer Q to the air between the inlet and the 10. 3 ft location? If the heating were uniformly distributed, what is die heat flux q? Suppose that fully developed conditions are achieved at a downstream distance from the inlet of 3 ft. What are the wall temperatures at that location and at the 10. 3 ft location? Calculate the arithmetic-mean temperature difference and the log-mean temperature difference for the heated section.

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Mechanical Engineering: Find log-mean temperature difference for heated section
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