Find fcf for the company


FS to FCF Template Based on historical financial data, find FCF for the company of your choice.

1. In week 1 you were asked to choose a publicly traded company and submit its name for instructor's approval.

2. Download annual financial data for the last 5 years from Edgar Website (forms 10-K). Attention: if your company became public less than 5 years ago, you will also have to download data from its IPO filing prospectus (form 424B4). Template below is approximate, you may modify it to suit your company.

3. Using approach similar to the one described in this module's Excel file you will have to calculate the FCF for the company of your choice. Solution Legend Value given in problem Formula/Calculation/Analysis required Qualitative analysis or Short answer required If you have difficulty estimating company's tax rate you may assume statutory tax rate of 35% Financial Data.

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Business Management: Find fcf for the company
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