Find a niche and a competitive advantage


My team and I are having a lot of trouble with this. We are targeting the educated males (ages 25 - 34) in Philadelphia with household incomes of $80,000 or more. We have the demographics, etc. Our product is craft beer with ales in various flavors, fruity malts, and several lagers. Some of the beers are low-carb. The ingredients are home-grown and natural. Our microbrewery is local, so the beers would be fresh. Our beers taste good and have been designed to compliment meals for a fine dining experience. We will have a club that sends out newsletters, emails, text messages and faxes to alert our customers of new flavors and events. Our microbrewery will offer tours in the microbrewery and give samples to those who visit along with T-shirts and other promotional items. The beers would be sold at the brewery, in retail liquor stores, restaurants and pubs. The problem is that our competitors offer the same things. How can we differentiate our product in order to find a niche and a competitive advantage. Any thoughts?

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Marketing Management: Find a niche and a competitive advantage
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