Fairness is a matter of personal opinion

Problem: Do you believe that there is no way to decide what is right or wrong? Imagine a teacher returns an assignment to you with a grade of "F." When you ask for an explanation, you are told that, frankly, the teacher does not believe that people "like you" (e.g., women, Christians, African Americans) are capable of doing good work in this field (e.g., science, engineering, math, finance). When you object that this is unfair and wrong, the teacher offers a relativist explanation. "Fairness is a matter of personal opinion," the professor explains. "Who determines what is fair or unfair?" you ask. Your teacher claims that his view of what is fair is as valid as any other. Because all people are entitled to their own personal opinions, he is entitled to fail you since, in his personal opinion; you do not deserve to succeed.

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Other Management: Fairness is a matter of personal opinion
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