Extensions of government


Part 1

Question 1. Write a 500 word essay to explain and elaborate on each of those points.

Professor Lester Salamon of Johns Hopkins University has written that nonprofit organizations have the following characteristics. They are,

1. Organized activity

2. Private, independent organizations, not extensions of government

3. Voluntary in participation; free from coerced or mandated participation

4. Self-governing. They govern themselves and are not directly controlled by government.

5. Not profit distributing. Excess revenue is directed to mission not to individuals or owners.

6. Of public benefit. They provide a public good or contribute to the general welfare

Part 2- Write 450 Words

Question 1. Every nonprofit has a reason to exist. However, many nonprofits miss the opportunity to express that in a concise way. Funders, potential board members, other supporters of a nonprofit need to know why the work of a nonprofit makes a difference. So, please tell us why your nonprofit needs to exist. If you are not working in a nonprofit, select one with which you are familiar and use that one as your example.


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Business Management: Extensions of government
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