Exploring labor legislation-unions-management


Exploring Labor Legislation, Unions, and Management


Imagine that you are the HR director at the organization where you currently work OR at an organization with which you are familiar. Your primary purpose is to educate the President and convince him or her of the impact (whether positive or negative) of a labor union in the organization.

Answer the below questions in a PowerPoint presentation, and remember to contextualize the discussion so that it relates to the organization you selected:

Q1: Historically, why do workers feel the need to organize? Is it due to job security or some other motivation?

Q2: What events in the early twentieth century set the stage for the major change in government regulation of labor-management relations and created the environment in which “Big Labor” grew to its current size and influence today? How do these changes impact the organization?

Q3: Describe the effect that a piece of labor legislation has had on labor unions and management. Choose a piece of labor legislation you have read about this week that has impacted/continues to impact the organization.

a. Summarize your final recommendations regarding labor unions at the organization.

b. Your presentation should contain at least 10 slides (not including title or reference slides),You should follow the APA style for writing, and include a minimum of three credible sources.

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