Exploring controversial philosophical topics


Let Freedom Reign

These discussion boards have been designed to explore controversial philosophical topics. Some of the questions are designed to solicit very personal responses and opinions, and these debates have the potential to become heated. In the act of creating ideas, heat can be a good thing, but not at the expense of hurt feelings or frustration. Remember that the practical aspect pf philosophy asks us to examine and perhaps even change something about ourselves. Hopefully, we will be challenged by others with a different opinion, but we need to remember that a challenge to our beliefs is not a threat. To the contrary, it should be regarded as an opportunity to re-evaluate and understand why we hold these beliefs.

Give some serious consideration to the topic or scenario before answering; and, then, using the questions below as a guide, write a 375 word about the issue being discussed.

  • Would you prefer to be happy but not free or free but not happy? Provide some sort of example with your explanation.
  • Which freedom that you currently possess would you fight for to get back if this freedom were to be taken from you? Why is this freedom so important to you?
  • If someone offered you five million dollars to become his slave for ten years and promised no physical harm would come to you during that time, would you agree to his offer? Why or why not?


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