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  Explaining the working of token ring and token bus  

Answer the following questions.

Question 1) List and describe about various types of cabling used in networking.

Question 2) What do you mean by piggybacking? Describe the working of go back by n protocol of Data Link Layer.

Question 3) What do you mean by tunnelling? Describe various methods used for making frames.

Question 4) Describe the difference between connectionless and connection oriented services by taking appropriate examples

Question 5) List and describe briefly any two routing protocols in detail.

Question 6)(a) Compare the working of Token ring and Token bus.

(b) List and describe different types of switches used in communication.

Question 7) What is an IP address? List its various classes.

Question 8) Describe the concept of Classless Inter domain routing.

Question 9) Describe the functioning of different, layers of TCP/IP protocol architecture. Also list out various protocols which act at different layers of TCP/IP protocol architecture.

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