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  Explaining sebi guidelines for public issue

Attempt all the questions

Question1) “There are two India within India: one India is very rich, while other India is very poor.” Explain giving appropriate examples.

Question2) Explain important features of Company (Amendment) Acts 2000 and 2001.

Question3) (a) Explain the eligibility norms of a Company willing to raise capital from public through an IPO.

(b) Explain SEBI guidelines for the public issue?

Question4) “After independence, Public Sector in India played the leading role in developing industrial infrastructure in the country.” Do you agree with it? Justify your opinion.

Question5) Write brief notes on the following:

(a) Role of WTO in globalization of economy.

(b) Contribution of technological environment to Indian economy.


Explaining sebi guidelines for public issue

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Course: Business Management

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