Explain your conflict resolution method


Review each of these resources:

Using Conflict Theory: Chapter 10 of this resource covers conflict theory-based methods (identified in table 10.2) to determine the best options for resolving conflict.

Emotional Intelligence and Dispute Mediation in Escalating and De-Escalating Situations suggests effective behavior for mediating conflict before it escalates. Pages 3059-3062 support the idea that the higher the emotional intelligence, the better the conflict resolution skills.

Review the following scenario and select the best conflict resolution method. Defend your answer.

You oversee administrative staffing for five suites of professional offices occupied by massage therapists, social workers, consultants, and others. You have hired an office manager who supervises the receptionists for all suites and a facility manager who is on-site during regular business hours. Some suites lack front desk coverage at times. Recently, the facility manager has been put in the position of ensuring there is front desk coverage in all suites when the offices are open for business. This has caused a conflict between the office manager and the facility manager. The facility manager believes the failure of the office manager's staff to adhere to a schedule is the root cause of the coverage problem. The facility manager steps in and makes assignments regarding staffing to ensure that there is someone available in each office suite to greet clients.

Write a 2-3 paper addressing the following:

• Explain your conflict resolution method of choice and justify your answer. Why is this method the right method for the situation as described? What are some of the limitations of the other methods in this situation?

• Explain the environment in which the resolution method should take place.

• Who should attend this meeting to ensure the conflict is resolved properly? Who should be excluded? Why?

• How will you use your knowledge of emotional intelligence to help mediate this conflict?

• Evaluate the managerial issues that could have caused this conflict in the first place. Has the root cause been properly identified? What protocol changes should be implemented to prevent future issues?

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