Explain why creating caring communities is critical


Respond to each item. Each response should be concise and between 2 to 3 paragraphs in length.

Creating caring communities that respect young children and their families is the first principle of developmentally appropriate practice. Based on the information shared of your course text, explain why creating caring communities is critical and identify at least three strategies that teachers can use to support this goal.

"Children have the right to educational environments that facilitate their social, emotional, moral, physical, linguistic and cognitive development; they also have a right to environments that are free from excessive stress, noise, and physical and psychological harm" (Malaguzzi, 1998). Considering an educational environment from the child's perspective can play an important role in ensuring these rights are respected. Identify three of the ten educational environment principles outlined in your text and explain how they can contribute to creating developmentally appropriate educational environments for infants.

Pages 197-201 outline age-appropriate materials in infant settings. Select an infant age group (birth to four months; four to eight months; eight to twelve months; or twelve to eighteen months), and imagine you are developing a new program on a limited budget. Based on the age group you selected, develop a list of 5-7 materials you deem essential to your new program and provide a rationale for your selections.

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Business Law and Ethics: Explain why creating caring communities is critical
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