Explain the significance of the fruit of the poisonous tree


1. FBI Agent Jones knocks on the door of a subject whom he believes to be a terror suspect and asks if he can come in. The subject says, "No." Agent Jones takes the refusal to mean that he or she is hiding something. He pushes his way in, walks around the home, and sees a semi-automatic rifle in the back bedroom. He seizes the rifle and arrests the subject. Discuss the legality or illegality of Agent Jones' seizure of the rifle.

2. Explain the significance of the "fruit of the poisonous tree" doctrine as it applies to homeland security. Why is this doctrine so important in the fight against terror?

3. Is the U.S. justified in spying on many innocent citizens if it results in the apprehension of one actual terrorist? How can the two be balanced: civil rights versus national security?

Please keep them number. Own words paper are scan. 100 words. Homeland Security Work.

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Business Law and Ethics: Explain the significance of the fruit of the poisonous tree
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