Explain the nature of the controversy


Controversial Issues in Entertainment Paper

Discuss a controversial issue you have seen in the media, such as violence, unethical behavior, racial or religious discrimination, drug use, or sexual content, in Power Point Presentation. Post outline and Power Point Presentation in Assignments Link. .

The outline must have a thesis statement, major topics, sub-points, key supporting evidence, three references, and a conclusion.

Explain the nature of the controversy, why it is used, and how it would be different with the controversial content removed.

Provide examples. Find three mass media messages on the issue from different sources, such as a news report, advertisement, or press release.

Discuss how each source presents a different side of the issue and how the media affects public opinion.

Discuss how new technology affects news and advertising. How does new technology affect the public's perception of the controversy?

Does the medium that presents the message resolve or exacerbate the controversy? Cite readings and at least three peer-reviewed sources.

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Other Management: Explain the nature of the controversy
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