Explain the considerations for leaders of the business

Assignment: Diversity in Organizations

Management practices differ, depending on the diversity within the organization. In this assignment, you will research the demographics for your area or city and apply those demographics to business operations.

This assignment has two parts. Complete both parts.

Part I

Research the population demographics in the area or state where you live.

Use the following guidelines for your research:

• Look up government reference sites such as the US Census Bureau


• Conduct an Internet search using keywords such as ‘demographics for YourCity.'

Complete the following:

• List and describe the population demographics. Be sure to cover gender, race, national origin, age, disability, and religion. Create a table to present this information.

• Explain how these demographics determine or affect the cultural dynamics where you live. For example, types of restaurants, specialty grocery items, entertainment offerings, public housing requirements, and education offerings.

Part II

• Choose a business in your area and explain how the cultural dynamics might affect the way that business would conduct business.

• Explain the considerations for leaders of the business you chose in managing the cultural diversity in terms of customer service and employee expectations. For example, one consideration might be to have customer service agents who speak Spanish in an area where there is a large Spanish-speaking population.

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HR Management: Explain the considerations for leaders of the business
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