Explain most significant safeguard for criminal defendants


The U.S. Constitution provides multiple rights for someone accused of a crime-the defendant in a criminal case filed by a prosecutor. Choose one right for the accused, and explain why this is the most significant safeguard for criminal defendants. Discuss at least two U.S. Supreme Court opinions which interpreted this right. Did the Supreme Court limit or expand upon the plain language from the U.S. Constitution? In what way? Discuss the relevance of the right in modern society. It is recommended that your post contain approximately 400 words.

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Choose a constitutional right that you feel passionate about, and evaluate how the Supreme Court views that right. Remember, all court cases are intentionally called opinions. There is a tacit acknowledgement that people's and society's views change over time, and that what is culturally acceptable today may not be tomorrow (e.g., think of the very recent changes in public opinion over gay marriage). Predict the future of your chosen right to analyze; will the Supreme Court restrict or expand this right in the future, and why?

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Business Law and Ethics: Explain most significant safeguard for criminal defendants
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