Explain hade and jimi expressions in relation to clothing


Use the readings to answer the following questions regarding Japanese Avant Garde Fashion:

1. What 4 main contributions does the author ascribe to Japanese fashion & culture as assisting change in the matrix of western fashion?

Go out in your community and take pictures to illustrate each example.

2. Explain 'hade' and 'jimi' expressions in relation to clothing. Are you hade or jimi as a designer? Do you prefer hade or jimi clothes as a consumer?

3. Do you think that the statement in the reading "the imperturbable jimi serenity of Rei Kawakubo and Issey Miyake is admired but not equalled in the west" is valid?

4. Do you agree/disagree with Martin's opinion that the west's embrace of Japanese design has allowed western cultures to view clothing more as an art form?

Article: Our Kimono Mind: Reflections on 'Japanese Design: A Survey Since 1950' by Richard Martin.

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History: Explain hade and jimi expressions in relation to clothing
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