Explain curriculum compacting to a friend


Answer the following questions: Please view the website below and answer the questions. This isn't a essay. Just answer the questions.


1. How would you explain Curriculum Compacting to a friend?

2. If you had a gifted child, would you want them to be accelerated in school (ie. skip a grade)? Why or Why not?

3. Compare the practice of Curriculum Compacting to a Pull-Out program and specialized classes. Again, which of these 3 approaches do you feel is the most effective?

4. What is the best method to use to identify gifted children?

5. According to the data at NAGC, only 1 state requires pre-service teachers to have any training in Gifted and Talented Education. They also list 3 standards for preservice gifted education. Look at the standards (you need to click links to find them). Do you agree that all preservice teachers should be trained to meet all 3 standards? If you could choose on 2 of those Standards, which ones would you choose and give your rationale.

6. Many parents want their children to be labeled as gifted. A number of them put a lot of pressure on teachers and schools to label their children in that way. How would you respond if you were a teacher who was being pressured? Is gifted always a good label?

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