Explain complex strategic issues


This project should be considered a laboratory in which you can test your ability to identify and clearly explain complex strategic issues. You will write several reports based on articles that you select from the Wall Street Journal. You are required to submit one-page written reports based on your articles. You will be notified when to do so.

A good report is expected to have the following structure: "What's the point?"

What's the Point?

This is your general brief statement, the strategic lesson you have learned by analyzing the article. Do not simply repeat the title of the article. Notice that you might be able to derive several lessons, but you will select and focus on only one point.


List the data and title of the WSJ article.


o Part 1. Plan of Action. Describe the actions taken by management.

o Part 2. Situation. Explain the strategic issue that managers had to address.

o Part 3. Objective & Outcome. Explain the logic.

o Part 4. Generality. Explain if this is a problem that other companies (even in different industries) are facing now or could be facing in the future?

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Strategic Management: Explain complex strategic issues
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