Expected spot rate-international fisher effect


One-year interest rates are currently 3.30% in the United States and 2.60% in "Euroland." The current spot rate between the euro and dollar is $1.3225/?. What is the expected spot rate in one year if the international Fisher effect holds?

a. $1.3315/?

Andrea Cujoli is a currency speculator who enjoys "betting" on changes in the foreign currency exchange market. Currently the spot price for the Japanese yen is ¥129.87/$ and the 6-month forward rate is ¥128.53/$. Andrea thinks the yen will move to ¥128.00/$ in the next six months. If Andrea's expectations are correct, then she could profit in the forward market by __________ and then __________.

b. buying yen for ¥128.53/$, selling yen at ¥128.00/$

A U.S. firm sells merchandise to a British company for £100,000 at a current exchange rate of $1.43/£. If the exchange rate changes to $1.45/£ the U.S. firm will realize a __________ of __________.

a.  loss; $2000

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Finance Basics: Expected spot rate-international fisher effect
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