Examples of how research is used in public safety


In the Unit 1 discussion, you examined several different examples of how research is used in public safety to find areas of improvement and how it became the foundation to improve practice. Recognizing the importance of research in public safety, your task is to write a memo to your local City Council regarding an issue in public safety that would benefit from research and to introduce to the City Council why adequate funding is necessary to support these research activities. Additionally, introduce to the members of the Council the potential issues that can occur if research is undertaken that does not adhere to the scientific method.

The specific steps are as follows:

1. Locate an issue in public safety, within your local community, where research could help improve a practice.

2. Construct a 3-page memo with the following sections:

  • Introduction to the issue
  • Explanation of the importance of research as it relates to your chosen issue
  • Overview of the scientific method
  • Potential concerns when the scientific method is not used

3. Use no fewer than 6 scholarly resources.

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Business Law and Ethics: Examples of how research is used in public safety
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