Examine the twitter feed and determine the main types


"Count the Retweets and Discussion Boards (20 points)" Please respond to the following:

• Use the Internet to select a company's Twitter site of your choice. Next, examine the Twitter feed and determine the main type(s) (e.g., class Tweets, Opinion Tweets, entertainment Tweets, etc.) of the posts. Then, recommend at least one  way to increase the number of retweets. Justify your response. Note: Include the link for your chosen Twitter site in your discussion post.

• Go to Proboards site, and examine the Featured ProBoards Forums at the bottom of the landing page. Next, speculate on the manner in which a company could use such Featured ProBoards Forums for its social media marketing campaign. Analyze the main advantages and disadvantages to having a discussion board site separate from other social media sites.

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Marketing Management: Examine the twitter feed and determine the main types
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