Event planning

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Event Planning

MPR events are all around us. They can be large, small, formal, or informal and can often include more than one organization. Using the company that you further developed in Individual Project, plan an event that will be a good fit for it.

Section 1: Creating an Event

1. Develop the event. Explain how it aligns with the firm's mission with a definable target audience.

2. Describe how you will link the image of the firm and the event. Keep in mind that people attend events mainly because of a connection with the theme or topic, not because of the sponsoring organization.

3. Create a presence so that the firm's message and sponsorship will be remembered.

4. Provide a souvenir so that people will remember your event and company.

Section 2: Notifying Connectors

1. Notify connectors before the event. Create a 1-page pitch to the media.

2. Write a 1-page recap of the event with quotes of attendees.

Your assignment must contain a cover page, an abstract page, and a reference page in addition to the body. The body of the paper must be 5 pages, starting with a brief 1-paragraph introduction and ending with a short conclusion. The final submission will be 8–10 pages in length.

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