Evaluate the violation of privacy-data protection-ip laws


In detail, you shall film one minute of daily life going on around you without violating any privacy, data protection, and IP laws. The filming may be done by camera, smartphone or UAV, but you will be acting as if you are filming with a UAV. If you conduct this assignment with a UAV, check in advance whether you need permission to do that and justify your decision on that.

If you use a Smartphone or camera, imagine that you are actually using a UAV, and describe how you assured that no rights were to be violated. In the event you have no UAV, smartphone, or camera, you may also search and find a drone video on Youtube, uploaded by a private person, that you should evaluate in terms of the violation of privacy, data protection and IP laws.

After recording the video, upload it to Canvas and post the video link. Along with your submission, include the location, time, and circumstances of the video in your post. Also, briefly discuss what you did to avoid violating any laws. Identify and explain any technical, legal or organizational challenges that came up in the fulfilling of this assignment.

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Business Law and Ethics: Evaluate the violation of privacy-data protection-ip laws
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