Evaluate the effectiveness of various interventions autism


Scenario assignments are designed to help the candidate synthesize and apply course content to real-world situations involving individuals with ASD. In Scenario 4, candidates will create a matrix to assess intervention effectiveness.

Scenario: As a special education teacher, one of the students on your caseload is Ian, an 11th-grade student with autism. Recently, Ian's team met to discuss intervention options for his future program. Although you and the team discussed multiple options, you did not come to an agreement on which interventions to use. One of the major challenges was that the team could not decide how they would use each intervention and were unsure how to evaluate the effectiveness of each. You have been assigned the task of creating a matrix the team can use to evaluate the effectiveness of various interventions.

Assignment: Drawing upon the considerations related to evaluating intervention effectiveness from, create a matrix to assess intervention effectiveness to be applied to various interventions discussed by Ian's team. The final assignment must be at least 2 pages (Times New Roman, 12-point font),including a 1-page candidate reflection.

Step 1:Identify4 criteria the team will use to evaluate intervention effectiveness for each possible intervention.

Step 2:Include a way to note the following for each intervention option within your matrix: who is responsible for conducting the evaluation, how bias will be controlled, and how frequently the evaluation will be conducted.

Step 3: Outline 3 criteria the team will use to decide if the option will be continued or discontinued.

Step 4: Reflect upon the matrixdevelopment process. The reflection should integrate course materials and a biblical world-view, including at least 3 in-text citations and reference list following APA formatting. A minimum of 2 biblical principles or Bible verses should be included in the reflection.

The following considerations should be addressed within the reflection:

• Explanation of how matrix development was approached.

• Identification of variables that may impact implementation fidelity of the matrix.

• Outline of how the matrix may be utilized to support collaboration within a multidisciplinary team.

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