Evaluate employee termination possibilities

Staffing the Organization


When HR professionals make staffing decisions, such as those involving termination, recruitment, and selection of employees, they have a critical impact on both organizational success and the lives of individuals. Skilled HR professionals need not base such critical decisions on personal opinion but instead can use a number of methods to aid in systematic decision making.
This week you gain experience in systematic decision making as well as in evaluating and applying some of the methods available. You evaluate termination possibilities based upon a thorough analysis of the situation as well as the potential impact of laws on your decisions. You evaluate job analysis methods that can impact your termination decision. For this week's individual case study assignment, you apply data analysis methods for either employee selection or recruitment and critique hiring strategies used for these activities. You apply job selection methods to develop interview questions for the position in the case you selected.
Students will:

• Evaluate employee termination possibilities

• Analyze impact of laws on termination decisions

• Evaluate job analysis methods

• Apply data analysis methods

• Critique hiring strategies

• Apply job selection methods

• Identify human resource concepts

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Marketing Management: Evaluate employee termination possibilities
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